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After reviewing Vakilaw Law Office’s National Registration Number and legal systems in developed countries and modeling of reputable law firms in the world, the identity number is based on the slogan honesty slogan help with the participation and consultancy of a group of experts and recognized experts in the field of Justice, with the participation and consultancy of the developed countries. We guarantee you. The law firm has significant experience and background in all areas of law and in all areas of its business, and has specialized associations and professional guidelines and guidelines (honesty and use) that believe and apply. Develops and operates the best forensic, law enforcement and enforcement solution, after careful scientific and practical work with experienced staff and clients.
Turkey, Baku, patents and Erbil in Iraq, the country, in areas such as litigation and lawsuits related to contractor-client relationship has been working with international lawyers.
Vakilaw Law Office has been run by Mr Masud Salarian for over half a century.


What is a patent? A patent is a new invention or patent protection method. The patent is used to consolidate product protection or the idea of inventing a product. This term is the best equivalent to granting the inventor ownership. The right granted to an inventor deprives others of the production, production, sale, supply or import of a product without the permission of the inventor or patent owner. Patents are of paramount importance in developed and developed countries and fortunately in our country more attention is paid to them.

Legal advice by experienced lawyers

• Online legal advice
• Family legal advice
• Legal counseling
• Criminal Affairs Consultancy
• Legal advice on contracts
• Legal advice on registration
• Business legal advice
• Legal advice for collecting claims
• Legal advice for administrative and public relations
• Legal advice on property and tax affairs
• Inheritance monopoly legal advice
• Legal Consultants is a company registered in Turkey
• legal advice to buy a house in Turkey
• • Online Legal Counseling We have teamed up with specialized lawyers so that local and international users can access their lawyers and consult with the organization, or hire an attorney, depending on the type of case and legal issues and jurisdictions. Attorneys who are interested in professional activities will also participate in this website: On the lawyer’s website, lawyers are working to attract and serve the interests of professional lawyers from around the world and in important jurisdictions.
• • Lawyers will follow your cases
• Price 10 USD
• 15 minutes of talk time
• • Quality assurance by the Institute
• Reimbursement of consultancy fees if contracted with the Institute

Advice and Acceptance of Lawyers in the Administrative Justice Court

• The court
• Advice
• Accept power of attorney

Company and brand registration in Turkey

The Vacilaw Institute
, with foreign investment experts in Turkey, offers you esteemed applicants the best advice on investment, company registration, brand registration and accounting services.

Turkey residence permit

The residence of the Turkish citizen has different conditions (academic residence, business residence, residence through registration and investment, tourist stay, registration through the Language College, residence through the purchase of property) each of which requires legal and Provide valid documents regarding the type of residence.
You can apply for a residence in Turkey and open a bank account through the Bar. Regarding your financial, age and educational background, our experienced lawyers will take all necessary steps to obtain a proper stay with the conditions of your esteemed audience.

Real estate and rental consulting and recruiting in Turkey

Many Iranians, proximity to Iran, Turkey’s economic stability, reasonable rates of increase in real estate, want to buy property in Turkey for various reasons, including a stable economy and many other topics.
“By buying property in Turkey or you can obtain residence in renting Turkey. The same goes for the people of exploiters has provided a platform to mislead with false promises. When buying a property, do not forget that the contract guarantee your safety the presence of a lawyer.
rental property in Turkey both tourists as well as possible for long-term stays. You must ensure that the property you rent must have a rental permit. Valid and notarized
It is only possible to rent an apartment in Turkey for a few days, a month, a quarter or a year.
Making property investments in Turkey and if you are buying, the company can provide legal services to the finish to open a bank account for you.
* Our layers and Vacilaw institute , ready to advise on the purchase and lease of real estate in Turkey

Arbitration Services

Today, given the enormous volume of court cases and Darcy cases in the courts, the private judiciary, or “arbitration”, as a competent authority in settling disputes and issuing definitive opinions, has been welcomed.
If the parties to the arbitration dispute have an agreement (ie, in their contract the arbitration body foresees or agrees to arbitrate after the dispute arises), the arbitration process can have the following advantages: An Appropriate Solution to Dispute Resolution:
• Accelerate the processing and avoidance of court proceedings
• Greater accuracy in dealing with and delivering fair opinions in terms of greater interaction with the arbitrator and the possibility of negotiating and holding numerous meetings.
• Spend less time and money
• The possibility of peace and reconciliation in the arbitration process
The VaciLaw Firm provides clients with the opportunity to use specialist arbitration services or internally and externally qualified arbitrators to execute arbitration and final verdicts if they wish.

Covenant Affairs Consulting

Consultation on all stages of contracting and litigation, attending technical discussions between consultants, contractors and contractors, project budgeting, consulting on how to bid, controlling and addressing various types of performance and adjustment statements, reviewing rows of listings in rows, Types of Delays in Implementation and Consultation Projects on the Hidden Challenges of Public and Private Contract Conditions

Our Lawyers

Av. Sasani

killed Lawyer of a Justice


Ms. Guljan

Real Estate Advisor


Av.Dr. ÖzdemirSkilled Lawyer of a Justice


Mr. Vahid Residence counseler


Masoud Salarian

Skilled Lawyer of a Justice


Av. ÖZDEMİRSkilled Lawyer of a Justice


Dr. Habibi Dargah

Attorney at law & Arbitrator


Av.ZamaniSkilled Lawyer of a Justice